Get to Know the Assessment Method Used by International School di Jakarta

Get to Know the Assessment Method Used by International School di Jakarta

Global Sevilla is one of part of the best international school that implements the Cambridge curriculum. To assess the student, there are several methods used by this school. It includes the exam, classroom performance, and students’ abilities to understand the material. In case you want to know more about the assessment method used by the international school di Jakarta, here information for you.


Benefits of Using Cambridge Assessment for Student at Global Sevilla

Good assessment lies as the essential part of a good education. Thus, Global Sevilla implements the Cambridge curriculum to assess the student. It is designed to be valid, fair, practicable, and reliable. In this case, the Cambridge exam provides an accurate portrayal of a student’s ability, whenever and wherever the exam was taken. This means assessment can be beneficial for further study.

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Assessing Learning Cambridge School

The end-of-program assessment gives students motivation, challenge, and focus on studying. The school assesses what is of the most outstanding value to students, conceptual understanding, higher-order thinking skills, and deep subject knowledge. It is essential to consider since the appropriate assessment can influence the students to have better academic results.

Since the Cambridge curriculum is part of the international standard, assessment is in English. Also, the best point of the evaluation is accessible to speakers of English as a second language since the Cambridge curriculum can be adjusted with a different program. The assessment at the international school Jakarta is flexible and helps to encourage cross-curricular connections.

Global Sevilla also provides a wide range of assessment materials for students. These include past question essays, examiner papers, and check systems. When you become a part of Cambridge School, you’ll have to face these assessment activities. As a result, the student will be gaining qualifications that are recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

Not only that, assessment at Global Sevilla is part of learning. AFL or assessment for learning is an approach designed to create feedback that is then used to improve students’ performance. AFL connects teaching, learning, and also assessment objectives crossways curriculum frameworks and syllabuses.

These activities help teachers plan to learn for both the class and the individual student. As an international school di Jakarta, the assessment supports teachers’ understanding through professional development courses and qualifications. AFL also helps students identify particular purposes and how to accomplish them, presenting a clear focus for learning

As Cambridge School, Global Sevilla provides the best methods to assess the student. The assessment is beneficial to prove what students have learned. Also, the assessment advantage to improve a student’s understanding and potential ability. As a result, the student has a lifelong passport to further study or employment in the global community.