Get to Know the Outcome of Teaching IEYC at Preschool Jakarta Barat

Get to Know the Outcome of Teaching IEYC at Preschool Jakarta Barat

The Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat uses many interactive activities and fun methods to help students build some basic skills. It includes literacy, numeracy, and language skills. Students will be taught daily classroom routines, and they will also adopt a positive attitude towards the learning they receive. Are you interested in this information? Here the explanations.


The Outcome of Integrating Program at Global Sevilla

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  1. Recognize Character

Recognizing character is one of the essential activities that children need to do. It is intended to prepare the young learner ready to accept the material that requires reading and writing. Character recognition for children practices in a fun and interactive learning. In the Global Sevilla Preschool, the children will be taught to write and read, which is beneficial for the next level of education.


  1. Understanding the Basic Mathematic

At an early age, children need to learn about numbers and think logically. Thus, Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Barat implements the IEYC approach to teach students understanding basic pre-math. They will learn through observing objects, do simple counting, and recognizing the numbers in the environment.


  1. Creativity Development

The development of creativity is very essential to discover from an early age. It is because the invention is influential in the expansion of aspects of early childhood’s ability of intelligence. In Global Sevilla preschool, children will be educated in a fun way and interactive. To develop this skill, the students will learn from qualified teachers.

The function of children’s creativity development is to increase children’s intelligence and ability to express and construct something new. If the young learner has the creative ability, they will be able to understand and actualize themselves to live in the real world. So, it will be helpful for the children to get significant opportunities for success in the future.


  1. Problem-Solving Programs

In a real-world situation, children will face any problems in their life. That is why. They need to have problem-solving skills. Thus, the Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat curriculum requires them to do the assignment at school. In this case, they are obligated to finish their homework correctly. As a result, they will learn problem-solving skills.

The Global Sevilla Preschool uses a range of interactive and fun methods to teach the early year program. For these reasons, preschool in Jakarta is the best option for children at 1.5 to 5 years old. It is because all of the programs that have been described can bring a positive outcome for children to enter formal education.