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Top 10 Social Media Agency in Indonesia

You can find lots of social media agencies in Indonesia, but did you know that there exist the top 10 social media agency in Indonesia? In this age, social media has been the bread and butter of millenials. All people uses social media in some form in their lives, and it is only thanks to how easy it is for people to get connected that people can have easy access to social media. When the internet was not even invented, finding and knowing things are as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Now that the internet is available in nearly EVERYWHERE, each parts of the world start to create a network of information that can go and leave in a single click.

Although it is not a deniable fact that the internet has spawned bad things, we cannot simply close our eyes to the good things that come with it as well. Everyone will benefit from a connected world, and said benefits can already be seen in our everyday lives. You want to shop from countries outside of your own? With a single click, you can put an order and have that thing shipped to you in no time. You want to communicate with a long distance family or lover? With a single click, not only that your voice gets transmitted to them, your picture will also be transmitted. You want to advertise your product so that potential buyers outside of your local area can see it? With a single click, you can put your product on sale online and it will certainly piqued an internet goer one way or another.

With the dawn of internet, there are also job opportunities that dawned with it. One such opportunity is an opportunity to work in a social media agency. Social media agency, which is what I am going to talk about today in this article, is an agency that handles everything social media related. They will handle a content of a social media, which, if we are talking about amounts, are endless in this ever changing network.

In a further detail, I am going to talk about the top 10 social media agency in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is trying to improve upon its connectivity, and the presence of these top 10 agency will certainly help them improve.

So without further ado, let us talk about these 10 of the best:

Mirum Agency

For Indonesians, the name itself might be a bit alien. It is only because Mirum Indonesia was not always known as Mirum. If you mention the name XM Gravity, however, it might ring a bell in some Indonesian ears.

Mirum Indonesia was always an agency that handles all the big boy’s social media needs. It is the biggest social media agency in Indonesia, a job field for nearly 16,000 workers. The big handlers in Mirum Indonesia have already managed advertisements from a well-profiled company in the world (namely Honda, Magnum, Samsung, and other big brands), so you can be sure that your social media needs are handled by the best of the best.

Redcomm Indonesia

Mirum might be a big company, but that does not mean there is nobody around to challenge its throne for the best social media agency in Indonesia. Lying in the second place would be Redcomm, a company that is well-known for a company that manages top clients in Indonesia. Lays, Line, Biore, Danone are a few of their clients, and we all know that those brands are brands that are not to be taken lightly. They are creative in handling the brands that have been trusted to them, hence their popularity.


Based in Jakarta (which is often the base of nearly everything technologically advanced in Indonesia aside from Bandung), this agency handles your social media needs like a skilled cowboy handles a rodeo bull. Their employees are creative and their management is top notch, so you should not be surprised with how well they manage the brands.

WEBARQ Activate

This one got a slogan of ‘Driving Activation to Your Brand’. If a company has the gall to put such statement as their slogan, you can be sure that they are good at what they are doing. They handle one of Indonesia’s most famous brand, which is Sari Roti. Without them, Sari Roti would never be as famous as they are now.


This is a brand that the Singaporean and Indonesian have known about, and both of them know them as a company that does wonder in their job. They handle SEO well, which is a nice thing if you have need of SEO keywords. They boasted creativity as their number one priority, and creativity will always strive in a field like this.

Next Digital

With 350 clients in Indonesia, Next has always been a company that local companies trusted. They even got their own clicks counter (a counter that counts when a visitor has clicked on the sites they worked on) that they put in their main website, and that number is not a low number either.

Big in Digital

Their website told me that technology is in their blood in day one. I am convinced that no other digital agencies can be as technological as them. HSBC, the world famous bank, has used their service. You know what this means? To have a world famous bank to trust you to handle their social media marketing and whatnots is not a small feat.


Social media campaign is not a strange thing for them, and they do them very well thanks to their self-built tools. With a self-built tool, that company will certainly have an easier time in figuring out how to make things efficient and how to best advertise a brand’s name.


While the other social media agencies might not know precisely where they should market their products (that does not mean they cannot be trusted; it is just that they do not have a place that is almost their target), Dipstrategy counters it by saying that Facebook is the right place for social media advertising. Their research has lead them into one of the best social media agency that works on Facebook.


Arwuda might be the least popular in the list, but that does not mean the company itself is inherently bad. The can work on the SEO well, and because of that, I put this company here as one of the top 10 social media agency in Indonesia.

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